• Christian Killeen

Christian Killeen

What is your nickname? 

Where do you work and what is your role? 
Fundraising Manager at Smiling for Smiddy

How long have you been cycling?
About 18 years

What inspired you to sign up for a Smiling for Smiddy event?
I first signed up to do the Smiddy Challenge (Brisbane to Townsville) in 2008 after a couple of friends did it in 2007 and loved it.  I loved to find new roads to ride and adventures to go on and it just looked like the ride would be so much fun—a great way to see Queensland.  But once I started I realised there was so much more to the ride than just riding—the people who were there were amazing and the stories they told stick with me today.  I knew then I had to do the ride again and do it for the right reasons.  It was about the people who I got to be around for eight days.

What does it mean to you to raise money for cancer research?
For me it’s all about paying it forward.  I have a large family and the stats show that one of them will be affected, so the more we can do now I hope the lesser that impact will be.

What is your top fundraising idea or tip? 
Before you ask for donations, think about who you are asking and how you plan to ask.  Be strategic and don’t just shoot off an email or Facebook post to everyone hoping that someone will respond.  Ask those closest to you first and don’t be afraid to nominate an amount you like them to contribute.  But also consider asking for help instead of a donation—some people won’t have the capacity to give a donation but they can give their time of expertise.  Ask them to help you with an event or other fundraising activity.  And finally, you can ask more than once, just because someone didn’t give the first time doesn’t mean they won’t.

What’s your favourite post-ride beverage? 
Iced Coffee and Wendy somehow seems to make a supply magically appear in the middle of nowhere!

Do you have any rituals or superstitions before you go for a ride? 
I do whatever Kevvy tells me to do!

Read more about Christian’s background and his role at Smiling for Smiddy here.


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