• Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips 

What is your nickname? 
Just Beck, although if the lantern is rubbed the wrong way, my alter ego ‘Jeanie’ might appear. 

Where do you work and what is your role? 
Currently temping after being a flight attendant for 9 years. 

How long have you been cycling?
Since November 2017 

What inspired you to sign up for a Smiling for Smiddy event?
My partner Dom Thompson, lured me in by telling me there would be winery and chocolate factory stops on the ride. Sold!

What does it mean to you to raise money for cancer research?
Having lost my father to brain cancer, my grandmother to melanoma and my Aunty to breast cancer; this cause means so much to me. And a friend of mine’s father is currently in remission from melanoma after receiving new treatment. It just shows that the money being raised for cancer research does make a difference. 

How do you plan to fundraise? 
Shamelessly asking for donations.....again and again and again...

What’s your favourite post-ride beverage? 
Well I’ve only just started cycling recently and coffee has been a necessity as the rides are so bloody early. I am yet to experience post ride wine guzzling, however am sure I will get plenty of opportunity on the Tassie ride. 

Do you have any rituals or superstitions before you go for a ride? 
Ride over a crack and you’ll break your back? No, not really. 


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