• Sammi-Jo So

Sammi-Jo So - Road Crew 

How many Smiddy events have you taken part in? 
I started with Smiddy in 2011 and have done all the Challenge rides since as well as the big training weekends, the New Zealand Smiddy Challenge and last year’s Adelaide to Uluru Smiddy Challenge.  
What keeps you coming back to Smiling for Smiddy?  
The Smiddy spirit. It’s addictive and I love the team work. 
What’s your favourite part of being on tour? 
Being part of the Smiddy family. The best feeling is knowing everyone is safe at the end of the day and hearing them share their stories. 
What do you see as the overall role of Road Crew members when it comes to a Smiddy event? 
From the first moment you roll out, you are with the whole team 24/7 so you have to give 100% of yourself to it, you can’t be selfish. 
What should Road Crew newbies expect from taking part in a training weekend? 
Enjoy it all but don’t expect it to be easy. Don’t complain; remember the reason you are doing it. When you think it’s hard, think of those who are suffering and going through a tough time in treatment.
What’s been your most memorable moment from your time with Smiddy? 
There have been happy and sad times and so many memorable moments in the last seven years. One of the best would be riding along in Terry’s ‘tucker truck’ with Aunty Marie and Terry singing our hearts out to The Bee Gees on last year’s Adelaide to Uluru Smiddy Challenge and working side by side with Wendy. 

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