• Serge Simic

Serge Simic 

What is your nickname? 

Where do you work and what is your role?
I work in the family business – Ol’ School Garage. We restore classic American and Australian muscle cars. We bring old cars back to life and make them better than new with today’s modern technology.

How long have you been cycling?
Started cycling in April 2017. On my first Smiling for Smiddy training ride, Stinky Dave and Diesel explained how riding in a peloton works.

What inspired you to sign up for a Smiling for Smiddy event and/or what keeps you coming back? 
My wife Emma talked me into signing up for the Bottlemart Smiddy Challenge ride. Initially it was the fitness challenge and school visits that attracted me to the event but I have come to enjoy the adventure, cameraderie, spirit and the good cause.   

What does it mean to you to raise money for cancer research?
Cancer research gave Emma more treatment options compared to those diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma a couple of years earlier. More treatment options gave Emma and I more time together. More time together allowed us to make memories.

How do you plan to fundraise/what is your top fundraising idea or tip?
One fundraising idea is the 2018 Smiddy Calendar. I’m also working on a private screening event at the cinema in March. 
  I’m fortunate to have had family help with fundraising. Sharing Emma’s cancer story, inspiring people via her blog and asking for donations on social media has worked well. 

What’s your favourite post-ride beverage?
Nothing beats a good coffee with fellow riders. I’m a sucker for a banana or berry smoothie once I’m home.

Do you have any rituals or superstitions before you go for a ride? 
Give the dog a quick cuddle on my way out.

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