• Meet the team

Meet the team

At Smiling for Smiddy, we have a dedicated team which is committed to making every Smiddy event memorable, inspiring and successful—whether it be the weekly Wednesday morning Riverloop, annual Team Smiddy participation in the Noosa Triathlon or one of our amazing multi-day rides.

They’re here to support, encourage and help you in any way they can, so you can continue to help fund vital cancer research at Mater—whether that be by jumping on the bike, donating to someone who is or holding your own fundraiser. 

While there have been recent whispers around Smiling for Smiddy founder, Mark 'Sharky' Smoothy's possible 'retirement' and 'resignation', he's keen to confirm this is not the case! Although he has reduced his duties around the office—due in part to his a recent diagnosis of Ross River Fever, but mostly so he can be a full-time dad to our youngest and cutest team member,  Estelle (we've already marked her down to lead Team Smiddy at the 2036 Noosa Tri!).

Mark “Sharky” Smoothy—Smiling for Smiddy Founder
 is the founder of Smiling for Smiddy and dad to Smiddy’s cutest ambassador, Estelle. His love of riding started as a six-year-old when he’d ride his bike to school every day. It grew into a hobby when he became a racing cyclist in the early 1980s and then took on a whole new meaning following the death of his good mate, Adam Smiddy, to melanoma in 2006 (see more of Sharky's story here). Sharky is constantly in awe of the incredible people that enter his life through Smiddy events and knowing that the funding they provide is saving lives by improving detection methods, treatment and education. Anyone who has had the pleasure to meet Sharky knows he’s a cool guy, but the best thing we’ve discovered about Sharky was that he was once a part-time pillow flufferupperer (official title!) for Tontine Pillows!

Describe yourself in three words … Stubborn, emotional and silly
What is your favourite ride around Brisbane?  Three fingers of Brookfield. 
How do you drink your coffee? Soya cappuccino half-strength, no sugar, with a love heart on top!


Brooke Rose—Smiling for Smiddy Program Manager
Brooke had only been in Australia for eight days when a chance meeting with Killer (aka Christian) on her first day at Mater Foundation Brisbane ended with an invitation to a Smiling for Smiddy Rider Orientation night. Like many before (and after her) she was blown away by the remarkable group of people she had met, and that inspiration continues to this day. After being poached from the Alberta Cancer Foundation in Canada, Brooke has been with Mater Foundation Brisbane for three years and recently jumped on board as the Smiling for Smiddy Program Manager. In short, she’s here to support the group of legends she calls colleagues to ensure the riders have the best possible experience and together, make a significant impact for cancer research at Mater. She also makes the office a little louder and a little more … Canadian.   

Describe yourself in three words … Bubbly, passionate (I’m a big hand-talker),
How do you drink your coffee? Admittedly, I love a good drip/filtered/pour-over coffee. But I will settle for a long black (with a bit of cold milk- blasphemy I know)
My favourite motto/quote/saying is … Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.


Wendy “Wendo” Muir—Smiling for Smiddy Logistics Manager 
(pictured in yellow) is our events and logistics guru and the go-to for all things Road Crew. She works closely with Christian, Krista and Brooke to handle all the back of house stuff which is needed to keep the Smiling for Smiddy wheels turning. After more than 20 years at Cancer Council Queensland, Wendy joined the team at Mater Foundation Brisbane five years ago and when questioned about why she joined the Smiddy team, her response was simple: “Confucius say - “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. But we do still pay her! Wendy keeps cool and calm under pressure and loves that her job enables her to meet new people and travel to different places!

Describe yourself in three words … Patient, inquisitive and candid
How do you drink your coffee? Skinny Cappuccino
My favourite motto/quote/saying is … What goes around, comes around…





Christian “Killer” Killeen—Smiling for Smiddy Fundraising Manager
 came to Mater Foundation Brisbane in 2014, leaving behind a lengthy career in Banking and Finance in favour of days spent in lycra pedalling kilometre after kilometre. For Christian, the best part of his job is the people he gets to meet, which is a good thing because he is one of our Fundraising Managers! As such, he is working closely with riders on the 2018 Tassie Smiddy Challenge and the 2018 Bottlemart Smiddy Challenge to create exciting events, ensure the rides are run safely and to help participants meet their philanthropic goals and endeavours. 

What’s your favourite ride around Brisbane? Our famous Ride of the Roses which includes the dirty dozen, a 7 km gravel road and finishes at Rosewood Pub for a counter meal and train home.
How do you drink your coffee? A large Cappuccino
My favourite motto/quote/saying is … Keep it Classy (thanks Schneid’s)





Krista “Pagey” Page—Smiling for Smiddy Fundraising Manager 
 has managed Smiling for Smiddy’s fundraising events for the past two years and is constantly inspired by the passion shown by members of the Smiddy community in fundraising for cancer research. A bit of a change from her background in agriculture (cotton), Krista now manages Smiling for Smiddy events including the annual Noosa Tri, ensuring participants receive the support they need to meet (and exceed!) their fundraising targets and that they have a ripper weekend in one of the best spots in Queensland!  

Describe yourself in three words … Easy-going, challenge seeking, caring
How do you drink your coffee? Long Black
My favourite motto/quote/saying is … You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough – Mae West



The Mater Foundation is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 96723184640.