• Research update - Chemotherapy

The Smiling for Smiddy team recently delved into what has been happening in cancer research. Scientists at Mater Research are currently conducting 20 different cancer research projects, including looking at ways to better understand and treat melanoma, prostate cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

As part of these projects, they are looking into ways to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, while increasing its effectiveness in treating cancer.

Despite the fact that chemotherapy is critical in the care of cancer patients, it is a toxic substance which has severe side effects. Chemotherapy kills healthy blood cells and immune cells necessary in a healthy body, and leads to long-term damage to a patient’s health, even if the cancer is cured.

Researchers have now discovered molecules in bone marrow that make normal stem cells divide. When these molecules are absent or blocked, normal stem cells ‘go to sleep’ which make them more resistant to the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

Mater scientists continue to strive towards the goal of providing each and every person in the community with the best possible healthcare. Thank you, your continued support helps to conduct this instrumental research in the fight against cancer.

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