• Bruce's simple tips to smashing your fundraising goal

They say behind every great man, there’s an even greater woman and that’s certainly the case when it comes to Smiddy rider, Bruce Frazer.

For six years’ Bruce has been toying with the idea of taking part in a Smiling for Smiddy ride—finally taking the plunge last year when he signed up for the 2016 Bottlemart Smiddy Challenge.

“I saw the ride as a personal goal but I’ve never had the confidence in my fitness to be able to do it,” Bruce said.

“I’m now 55 so I want to do it before my legs fall off and I have hip problems and knee problems like old people do,” he joked.

With his registration paid and training underway, there was one more step to make Bruce’s Smiddy dream a reality—to raise $5000 for cancer care and research at Mater.

Ten weeks in, Bruce—who was supported by his wife Jenny—has already reached his target thanks to some simple fundraising tactics.

“I’ve found the best way to get a donation off someone is to tell them you’re a dollar short of your target—they’ll always offer you one,” he joked.

And when it comes to fundraising, Bruce has found all those dollars can quickly add up—just ask his wife Jenny. 

“Jenny has been baking Melting Moments which we’ve been selling for $1 each; we’re very lucky because the guy across the road works in town and he takes in a couple of dozen every pay day, as does our son-in-law and Jenny’s sister,” Bruce said.

“I thought raising $5000 was going to be the hard part but we had that raised within 10 weeks.”

“It’s a lot of biscuits!” Jenny, who also runs JennysCakes, added.

And she’s not kidding—the couple has raised more than $2000 from the sale of Jenny’s biscuits, with 75 cents from each biscuit donated to the fundraising pot and the remaining 25c used to buy more ingredients.

That’s around 2500 biscuits!

The couple also hosted a Spit Roast BBQ night, inviting friends and neighbours, which raised almost $2000.

“Bruce went and chatted to our neighbours about Smiddy and cancer research at Mater.  He just knocked on the door and introduced himself to them,” Jenny said.

“You’ve got to have a lot of guts to approach people you don’t know.”

“Raising money has certainly broadened our circle of friends,” Bruce said. 

Here are Bruce’s three simple tips to help your fundraising efforts:  

  1. Ask the question. Every dollar makes a huge difference when it comes to cancer research, so ask your family, friends, colleagues and even customers or clients if they’d like to donate funds or goods/services to raffle or auction off to raise funds.
  2. Baked goods are the best. It’s hard to say ‘no’ to freshly baked cookies, brownies and cake, so hit the kitchen (or find someone in your family to help you) and whip up some delicious snacks to sell to your colleagues and friends.
  3. Share your story. Tell the people you meet about Smiddy, why you joined and why investing in cancer research at Mater is important to you. 


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