• Liz's top tips for Facebook fundraising

What starts off as a small fundraiser among friends and family can quickly turn into something much larger—all through a click of the ‘share’ button!
Sharing your reason for riding is one of the best ways for you to connect with your supporters, and social media can be one of your best fundraising tools.
Facebook is a simple way to spread the word about your fundraising efforts to your friends; you may have already posted and asked for donations.
But did you know, by creating your own group or community you can use Facebook in a similar way to your personal fundraising page?
You can use your group or community to share your training and fundraising updates, add images of your training, promote your fundraising events and, most importantly, ask people to donate to you.
Liz Butler set up an open Facebook community which her friends and family could ‘like’ to support her as she prepared to tackle the 2015 Brisbane to Townsville Bottlemart Smiddy Challenge.
“I set up an open community page because I wanted it to go wider than my group of friends and because I didn’t want to bombard my friends with Smiddy posts all year if they weren’t interested,” Liz explained.
“People could ‘like’ the page to get alerts or just pop over every now and then and see what I was up to.”

You can create your page here, and Facebook’s FAQ’s can help you get your page up and running in no time!

Giving your page a personal touch, and letting people know the reason you’re taking on the Noosa Smiddy Challenge will help you motivate your supporters.

Liz’s friends and colleagues all jumped on board, with many sharing the link to her group on their own personal and work social media pages.
“I posted about my training and fundraising efforts and when I’d meet certain milestones or goals,” she said.
“I also shared some information about the history of Smiling for Smiddy and what’s been achieved over the past ten years.”

“People were really kind and got right behind me, so I didn’t feel like I was bothering anyone with all my updates.”
By following Liz’s advice you too can have your wider network working for you via your very own Facebook community.
To get some inspiration you can check out Liz’s page here.


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